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Fundació BCN FP has just turned 10

To celebrate it they have gathered the 10 most important projects over these years

Fundació BCN FP has just turned 10

The Fundació BCN Formació Profesional, a non-profit organisation fostered by Ayuntamiento de Barcelona for the development of an efficient professional training system on the city of Barcelona, has just turned 10 years old. From the beginning, its mission was to take part on the socio-economic development of the city, boosting an adequate professional training and facilitating the incorporation of the students into the workplace.

The collaboration between SIGMA and Fundació BCN FP started more than 7 years ago, when back in 2008, we started a collaboration project that resulted on the foundation of our Learning Center. Since then, more than 360 students from several professional training schools of Barcelona have come to the Learning Center and 90 of them have been granted.

Furthermore, the students from the Learning Center have collaborated on the development of “Guía FP” for Fundació BCN Formació Professional. It is an interactive tool where you can look up for the courses on offer in Barcelona. This project of the “Guía FP” has been selected by Fundació BCN FP as one of the ten most important projects since its foundation.

Finally, from SIGMA we would like to join in the congratulations to Fundació BCN FP on their 10th anniversary, wishing them all the best for the coming years.